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HI Bart,

Sorry I don't have much. A couple of pistons, push rod tube, maybe some rocker covers.
Its always the bottom end I have had problems with.

It did come out for proving the colonial this year :0)



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Martyn, I do remember that trip up to Clennel Hall.

In fact I have that picture on the wall of my office !!!!!

Ultimately you, Dave Miller and Dave Jolly, have cost me a fortune by getting me interested in bikes,


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Thanks all, I was just letting the whole birthday thing pass by.........

Bob the secret of staying young is regular leg over!
To that end I will continue riding the veteran as much as possible!


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Great Pic Martyn.
He is a bit taller these days!!!!!


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It was ok at that point, but certainly had been a few moments earlier.

It is amazing that when helping out a fellow motorcyclist with a hole in his rubber, so many join in as spectators and advisers.

I am grateful to at least three of the spectators for use of tools and the advise that it was a QD hub (something I would not have known).
It was nut very 'Q' in my opinion!!

Mr Smith's inspection revealed that if you don't want your rubber to split at the seam buy a better Quality!!


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I look forward to seeing it and riding in your blue haze!!!!!


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There is definitely something wrong with us all!!


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Thanks fore gate crashing the cricket, it saved me doing so much running for the ball.
I was trying to save my energy for pushing veteran motorcycles up hills the next day!!

I have no snobbery as I have entered the gathering on Jap bikes before.........two strokes though......the devils work, how do they run with no valves in them!!!!!!!

No matter what you ride we will always find an avenue to take the Micky, its all part of the banter!

Not my girth, so not mine.

Will ask about.


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I wondered who I had been playing cricket with.
Apologies for not introducing myself.


The talk by Noel was entertaining and informative, with some discussion about spares taken etc.

I think everyone enjoyed the evening, so many thanks to Noel for coming to the club night and giving the talk.

Chairman (Bunny) Baggers even remembered to wear a matching pair of shoes for the event.

I also asked Noel to explain to chairman Baggers, in great detail, how to get one's Model H Triumph to the start of any VMCC event. big_smile

I was once told that to ride triumphs such as this, and especially the earlier ones, you need a part of the brain missing!!

It could be true..........

who are you all anyway?
and what are you doing in my house?
FLIBBLE big_smile



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Bart there is someone selling such things on Ebay, they also sell at stafford etc.

I have had a couple and they are pretty good.

This is one of their offerings, but check out sellers other items for more.

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vintage-vete … SwlEdZro~m


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Welcome Aiden,

The Derwent valley is quite long, Im guessing you will be nearer the Swalwell end than the Shotley end?

My old stomping ground so to speak.

The Birtley Golf Club venue is great, and as a section all of our runs (excepting perhaps the Colonial) would be suitable for your 1926 Steed.

The Chairman also is rumoured to have a Model H Triumph too!

Phew, my 1913 TT Triumph just fits in then!


We have a certain Mr Crowther to thank for the 'Halt' at Witton.
While living there he managed to get all the locals to raise funds to build it.
He then could get the train to Duncan Davis's pub in Frosterly. Unfortunately the last train back is a long time before last orders!


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Someone has it in for us this year.......now need a different lunch stop for the Sunday route of the C2C.

The excuse is I can't remember my Picasa password.........

There is that option, however not all members are free on other evenings.

Personaly I see this as an opertunity to find a better venue.

The buffs has served us well but I feel no longer offers all that we require.

One would have to have had a camera with me.

Although I did take one

I'll try to find it

Colonial 17
Same start and finish High House Brewery Matfen, lunch at the Black Bull Haltwhistle.

Sunday 1st October  first bikes away 9.30


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Ah but will we be able to hear the sound over the noise of the Karaoke?????


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Hi Joe,

Unfortunately there is not.
I send my stuff to ACF Howell In Walsall, Birmingham 01922 649992
They still Triple plate and do all the polishing, I find them to be reasonable price wise, but like all platers you have to chase them.

I went to founders day!
It was good.
Almost spent more on a bacon butty for breakfast then I did on bike bits though......