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Devonian wrote:

It's a bit too shiny for me, Joe.
I'd never get my leg over the saddle either.
She looks very attractive though:-
Good luck with the sale.

Martyn, after spending a good few hours yesterday polishing it up and seeing how good it looked, and then taking it for a short ride, I was beginning to have seconds thoughts about selling it. It's a lovely old tractor, but it doesn't get used enough now so it might as well go to someone (I hope) who'll ride it  a lot more than I do.


Right, after numerous error messages and lost content- here's another go at posting this.

1943 Harley Davidson WLC 45 for sale.

Completely rebuilt in 2009, runs and rides like it should.


Pictures and video here (hopefully)

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r9qk1vw2056x … vnBYa?dl=0


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Joecr wrote:

Thanks Andreas, but I found a place today, also in Birmingham called Chromefix, quad plating and decent price, and the stated turn around time is 3 weeks.

I'll report back when I get the stuff back from them.

Cheers, Joe.

I got the stuff back two weeks ago and although it was a week later than the stated turnaround, the finished job is really good, I'm well pleased with it and would definately use them again.



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Thanks Andreas, but I found a place today, also in Birmingham called Chromefix, quad plating and decent price, and the stated turn around time is 3 weeks.

I'll report back when I get the stuff back from them.

Cheers, Joe.


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Is there anywhere relatively local that still does chrome plating?

A recent search seems to show that chrome plating services up here in the North East is limited to Cleveland chroming, I've used them in the past but they were geared up for industry rather than the enthusiast.

Any suggestions (sensible ones Martin!) much apprecited as always.

Thanks, Joe.


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Baggers wrote:

T20C - it's good that you Focus'd on Escort'ing CSports through various ancient Fords  roll

I bet that made him Popular.  roll


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I've just pulled this from the Carol Nash website, it appears the advisor I spoke to has given me duff info!

" If your bike is between 20 and 30 years old, it will qualify for a classic motorcycle insurance policy through Carole Nash, providing excellent cover at a competitive price.

Or if your bike is over 30 years old, take a look at our Vintage Bikes policies"

I definately need to call them back to confirm the right info!!!!!!

EDIT - Beat me to it Bart......

I've just been on the phone to CN for a clearer explanation of their policies and this was what i was told.

My current policy is a Vintage policy because my bikes are over 30 year old, in January when it's due for renewal, I can add a bike 1987 or older and still keep the vintage policy and the lower rates. If I wanted to add a bike between 20-30 years old, the bike would be clasified as a classic and qualify for classic rates, but my policy would have to change from a Vintage policy to a Rider policy and the premiums would be higher than the lowest rate Vintage policy. So I think what I was being told is that although they class bikes 20-30 yr old as classics, they don't call the policy they use for them as Classic, but call it a Rider policy? All very confusing..............


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bart wrote:
Crusadersports wrote:

I didn't realise Carol Nash policies were for 30 plus year old machines. I am insured with Footman James, and all my bikes are on the same classic policy, so they must work on a twenty five year old basis.  Good luck with the search.

With a Carole Nash policy  a classic is between 20 and 30 years old, over 30 is vintage

I checked earlier this week with Carol Nash and was told that to add a bike to my "Classic Policy" the bike would have to be over 30 year old, anything else and the policy would have to change to their "Rider policy".

I think I'll check again tomorrow in case the advisor I spoke to was mistaken.


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Crusadersports wrote:

I didn't realise Carol Nash policies were for 30 plus year old machines. I am insured with Footman James, and all my bikes are on the same classic policy, so they must work on a twenty five year old basis.  Good luck with the search.

It's only the Carol Nash "Classic policy" that's for 30 year old bikes or older, They insure any age bikes but the type of policy changes, as mentioned in my earlier post younger bikes fall under their "Rider policy" but the cost is a lot more.


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Crusadersports wrote:

Can I ask why pre-1986? Is there some reason why it needs to be at least 30 years old? ( There just happens to be a really nice BMW triple for sale on this very website, made in 1987, registered 1988, well equipped, everything works, nothing needs sorting.......shameless plug)

I have a Classic policy with Carol Nash which is only for bikes 30 year old or over, anything younger and I'd have to change to a Rider policy which would mean a big difference to the premium.

My insurance runs from January each year so even anything declared manufactured in 1987 might not fall under their 30 year rule until 2018 at the time my renewal is due.

Nice looking bike by the way, and would've been something I'd have been interested in if not for the age.

Thanks, Joe.


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bart wrote:

How about a 1978 750 Honda ?  the catch is it is a 2 speed Hondamatic !  my friend has two or three of them and would part with one , or all probably, they need work but i understand at least one is a runner, something different and unusual though and in Durham area

Thanks, but not quite what I'm looking for, an auto is not something that appeals to me at the moment.



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Those of you that know me will know that I've been missing the last couple of summers due to following Durham cricket up and down the country.

I've decided to give the away games a miss next year and start riding the bikes more, hence I'm now looking for another bike that's a bit more modern traffic friendly than the ones I've got.

I'm after something older than 1986, probably Japanese and bigger than 650cc.

Anything considered, I don't mind something needing a bit work but I'd prefer to be able to roll it into a van on it's wheels rather than carry it in in big lumps.

I'm looking in all the usual places, ebay, classic mags etc, but not everything for sale gets advertised, hence the post.

Feel free to message me through here, leave ya number and I'll get back to you.

Thanks all.


The bike lift has now sold.

Cheers Joe.

Hi lads, I'm selling my clarke bike lift as it's just to big for my garage now, I can't get my old car, the bikes and the lift in all at the same time.

It's currently stood on it's side doing nothing and I've found that a much smaller lift suits my needs better.

It's a shame it's not being used as it's a lovely bit of kit and dead handy if you've got the room.

I thought I'd offer it on here first before I stick it on eBay, I might be able to deliver it locally depending on whether a family friend sells his van or not soon.

£180, drop me a message if interested but be quick as it'll go on eBay in a week or so ( £200 starting price) so grab a bargain, if you're looking for one you'll know how much more these go for.

Cheers Joe.


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Baggers wrote:

It needs to get on the road for sure - even if I have to push it!

I'm sure there's a joke regarding matchless twins and pushing in there somewhere.   big_smile  big_smile  big_smile

Devonian wrote:

What about this, Joe?


It's on Gumtree here:-
https://www.gumtree.com/p/clamps-vices/ … 1135891091

and it's only £40 collect in Gateshead.


Cheers Martyn, I'll drop them a mail and see if it's still available.


Hi All,

Now that the cricket season has finished and the grandson has started school I've spare time to spend in the garage over the winter.

Unfortunately I've broke my vice, It's not a good idea to use a scaffold pole on the handle when pushing old Herald bushes out. If anyone has one laying about that's for sale then reply here and I'll get in touch.

Thanks, Joe.


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Thanks for the mention re Chris.

As most of my free time during the summer months is taken up watching Durham (and Chris) play, and babysitting grand bairns instead of riding the bikes, I tend to only have a look at the forum every so often now.

The last of couple of seasons have been good for Chris and I've enjoyed following them around the country, so the bikes have taken a back seat for now.



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It's a good job it doesn't start otherwise there'd be some sore toes there..............  big_smile  big_smile  big_smile

Devonian wrote:

6mm set here on eBlag:-

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/36-PIECE-LETT … 1171325515

£12.99 all in with p&p

Good luck in your search - perhaps Santa is watching the messages????   roll

Just looked at that one and 6mm is the size of the head (oo err missus) not the type size. The seller says "approx 5mm" but it will be closer to 4mm if the head is 6mm.

Once again I thank you, but no cigar for you.

Devonian wrote:

Joe, I have a Clarke 4mm Letter & Figure Set.
They're on line at:
http://www.tool-net.co.uk/p-349736/clar … tAodfAEAEw

It would possibly cheaper to buy a set than me posting them to you.  wink

Thanks for the link Martyn, but on this occasion size does matter, 6mm would be ideal but 1/4" is close enough.

I really only need VBCM and the numbers, so not worth buying a set as I'll probably only use it the once.

Can anyone out there lend me a set of letter and number stamps please? Letter size approx 1/4

To pinch a phrase from one of Martyn's posts on an earlier thread on this subject,

"The myth is still mything"

If like me, your licence needs renewing then beware.

We've all heard the stories, a mate of a mates uncle renewed his licence and his motorbike entitlement disappeared, and it must be true cos the bloke is an ex policeman, driving instructor, bike test examiner or general all round good bloke who helps old ladies across the road.

Well mine was due a few weeks ago, I got the form from the Post Office, had the photo taken (luckily the camera didn't break) and studied it intently before filling it in.

I checked, double checked and then triple checked before posting it off, I'd even ticked the box saying old licence was lost in case future reference re entitlement was needed.

So, form correctly filled in , right size photo provided, correct payment enclosed, envelope correctly addressed, what could possibly go wrong?

One week later, yes, 7 whole days, a letter pops through the door from the DVLA. On opening it I discovered my new licence, nice and shiny complete with neatly folded paper part was in it. On checking the licence I found that.................. everything was correct, yes correct, I had to re read both parts again just to make sure.

So, not only did the DVLA manage NOT to cock anything up, they also managed Not to cock it up in 7 days.

All in all, excellent service, and if you're like me and enjoy having a good whinge, then renewing your driving licence is not going to cause one, despite what a mate of a mates ex policeman driving instructor bike test examiner and all round good bloke has said.  wink


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don't blame yours truly if there are any mistakes!

Can we blame you if there aren't any mistakes then?