Topic: September VMCC mag.

Have a look at page 75. Do you know this man?
Congratulations, Colin, on winning Best Special with your 7R.  cool  smile  cool


Have a look at the lower picture on page 67 and the pictures and article on page 68.
Do you remember the event? I know it was at the beginning of July but at least it's been recorded for "posteriority"  .  lol  tongue

You're never too old to learn something stupid.

Re: September VMCC mag.

Thanks Martyn

You have got me all shy and embarrassed me just being a quite lad from the country.

Re: September VMCC mag.

Quiet! Not when you are on the an :-)


Re: September VMCC mag.

Welll done Northumbrian Section!!!

Try me best - honest! big_smile