Topic: Phantom Bantam is go........

Blimey, you wait months for forum activation then two come along on the same day.....

Get posting we must  fill this forum up with general joviality and banter forthwith!

Stuff for the site relating to the section or the club in general is required and will be gratefully recieved (probably)


The Phantom Bantam

P.S.Has anyone seem "this bluurk" around here yet.

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Re: Phantom Bantam is go........

Hello Phantom.
You've not posted on t'other forum yet - your attendance is eagerly awaited there.
By your PS am I to take it that there's another lurking in the background? (Mr Bluurk)
Well, I'll be off - got to clean my bikes for glorious riding in Devon. big_smile

You're never too old to learn something stupid.

Re: Phantom Bantam is go........

If tat blurk joins we will have to rename this section

'intrordoos yersell'


oh smilies seems to be turned off too!

and Phantom where oh where is your avatar?


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Re: Phantom Bantam is go........

Avatar is a work in progress watch  this space.......; )

Re: Phantom Bantam is go........


Re: Phantom Bantam is go........

Looks like Tbird's been on the falling down water again - he didn't complete his last sentence:--
"Wey man ah divent na wot arl yee buggas iz takin aboot wat wi wor lad dunchen isel doon sooth an ne bugga tornin oot ont t ard byks lyke yee mit as weel by lyk yon buggas d........."
I think he refers to the fact that the Northern riders, when they ventured South, did not win any prizes and returned slightly miffed.
Devon riders don't drink lager or red wine in great quantities, not like you Darlo riders who "gan abroad an canna get proper beer, like."
Talkin o' proper beer, like - am green wi envi thar al not bi gannin t' I Force wi the lads, y'na.

You're never too old to learn something stupid.