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Hi from newcastle

2002 triumph bonneville here...

can only hope to afford some old brit iron one day!

I'm a keen film maker so hopefully there may be some nice film making opportunities!

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Re: greetings

Welcome, Stephen.  smile
Another Triumph owner/rider, eh?
Pity it's so young but it'll probably reach the criteria by 2027 if you're gentle with her, and lucky  roll
Good luck in your search for "old Brit iron".  wink
Looking forward to seeing some of your videos.  cool

You're never too old to learn something stupid.

Re: greetings

Hi Steve, Wolcome

Seem you Saturday AM.


Re: greetings

Greetings Stephen. You are welcome to join in any of the activities of the club whatever you ride!  smile

Try me best - honest! big_smile