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From Dennis:
Once again a good day at bike wise so a big thanks to all members who took the trouble to support this worthwhile event. The Police get a lot of criticism from the public most of the time but on this occasion  they should be praised to the heavens for hosting this brilliant show all in the aid of charity. This year there was not to much interest in the stand properly because the public are sick of seeing the same stuff year in year out this can only be put right if section members take more interest and dig out alternative memorabilia.

The turnout of bikes although small was great every singe one greatly admired by all the visitors. We also had three really class bikes from South Durham members - Wallace Holmes and Viv Tubby = a Norton Inter a flat tank Norton and Rudge  and well admired from our section Duncan's cotton, Petes dmw racer, Teds Triumph TR5,  Steve's velo & Geoff's BSA C11

All in all a good day well done section members and chairman Pete

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Thanks for the report and pictures, FF.

They keep the fans in far away places informed if nowt else.  yikes


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Dennis and Brian did a grand job of setting up the stall and I have to say I thought the event was much better because of the new location. We had a really good view of the events and the freestyle Motocross was very impressive. We nominated Duncan to participate in the backflips etc. on his Cotton but for some reason he declined  smile

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It was also a very informative event. I was reliably and very confidently informed that the motor in Peter's racer was in fact a Villiers 4T and the gentleman in question 'had one in his Cotton Telstar scrambler'! Mind you I told him the hydraulic jack being used as a side stand (see the picture) was a genuine works item.
There - the truth is out Mr. Bates. Long have we been told it's a very rare disc valve Alpha based motor. A 4T motor - rare? exotic? HAH!!  cool

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