Topic: Clarke full size bike lift for sale

Hi lads, I'm selling my clarke bike lift as it's just to big for my garage now, I can't get my old car, the bikes and the lift in all at the same time.

It's currently stood on it's side doing nothing and I've found that a much smaller lift suits my needs better.

It's a shame it's not being used as it's a lovely bit of kit and dead handy if you've got the room.

I thought I'd offer it on here first before I stick it on eBay, I might be able to deliver it locally depending on whether a family friend sells his van or not soon.

£180, drop me a message if interested but be quick as it'll go on eBay in a week or so ( £200 starting price) so grab a bargain, if you're looking for one you'll know how much more these go for.

Cheers Joe.

Re: Clarke full size bike lift for sale

The bike lift has now sold.

Cheers Joe.