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Topic: The Bamburgh Run 2018

For any Facebook users on here,
If you want to see some photos of Flat tankers and Girder fork bikes being used as they should be, there's lots here on 'The Bamburgh Run' group page.


If you have any photos of the run, the start at Etal or the coffee stop, you're welcome to join the group and add them.  This event is growing year by year. last year we had about 35 entrants, this year 60. Hopefully we'll see a few more from the Northumbrian section next year.



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I tried to attach an image on here, but it's not appearing?

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Re: The Bamburgh Run 2018

Here's a shot of Jimmy Steel's bike from FaceAche.


Looked tp be a very nice event with plenty of old tinware.

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Re: The Bamburgh Run 2018

Sorry about my omission Chris, I forgot to include this picture from the FaceAche page:-


I think the same bike was entered in the Northumbrian Gathering and the rider is now getting to know his way around the area.  wink

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Re: The Bamburgh Run 2018

Thanks for adding the photos, Martyn.

I'll have to have a look at this 'FaceAche' page.  That's a dodgy looking geezer pushing that Sunbeam...

How do you attach images? I've tried again, no luck.

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Chris, to post a picture is a bit involved but comparatively easy.

First of all locate the image on a web page that you want to show people.
Display it on your screen and right click on it - you then get an option to "Copy Image Location"
Click on that option and an address will be put in your clip board.
If I'm doing a few images I then open a Word file and clip all the addresses to it so that I can use them later.
Now you need to oopen a message that you want to display the image in.
To insert your image choose the 10th option from the left from the top icons and click it.
Then put the cursor between the middle two brackets of the inserted text ([img]*[/img]) shown by the asterisk - insert the link here that you've previously taken.


and lo and behold, we have inserted a picture, hopefully.
To make sure you could take a "Preview" of your reply before comitting yourself.


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Ha, success at last. What a palaver to attach an image though.

Some people you may well know...

Thanks Martyn


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Re: The Bamburgh Run 2018

Thats a couple of Goode shot and their dog Monty.  roll

You're never too old to learn something stupid.

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Your cultural whotsisname...



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Mr Beamish TT himself.