Topic: Great weather for riding

Thanks to Pete and Andreas for the first evening run on Thursday. The planning was excellent, ride East away from the setting sun and go back West when it is no longer above the horizon. Looking forward to the next one when the sun will be higher - I am assuming this weather will last all year!
Enjoyed the Reivers run on Sunday, and thanks to Geoff for letting me be a marshall so I could ride round. I should have an eligible bike ready for next time.

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Re: Great weather for riding

Hello, and welcome, Ruggae.
When you finally enjoy a VMCC run on an eligible machine you will realise what an achievement you have made.
You will have "arrived", hopefully with a complete bike with no bits having fallen off and lost or, better, retrieved.
I look forward to your baptism with subsequent photographic evidence.
In the meantime enjoy your indoctrination.

You're never too old to learn something stupid.

Re: Great weather for riding

Indeed welcome Ruggae. I hope you enjoy your bimble out on the various days and hopefully see you soon out on your eligible bike.

Try me best - honest! big_smile