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Recently joined the club  so thought i would introduce myself  - Brad, Brian, or jake are the most common names i get called.  I live up in Warkworth.

I called in at Ashington Rugby club for the talk on the ride to Egypt and met a few folk some who i already knew. I may tootle along on a ride out now and again to  get to meet a few of you have a chat and a cuppa.

My preference is to travel and tour on my bike, having ridden all over the place from UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, USA, into bits of Africa and so on. But I'm just as happy to jaunt around Northumberland and the borders or the Yorkshire dales on the smaller back roads for a few hours.

These days I don't ride anything too old - I used to have a few brits - Enfield 700 super meteor and and a trumpet t140. However my preferred bikes have usually been Italian, but really i like all bikes and have a bit of an interest in the engineering and design more so of anything odd or offbeat to the norm. For practical purposes at the moment I currently only have the one bike a Cagiva elefant (Ducati engined trail type bike from the 1980's). Thats if you can call a Ducati - practical ! 

I am looking to find another Guzzi - sp1000 or similar maybe later this year.

See you sometime on the road. Brad.

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Welcome to the VMCC Northumbrian Section, Brad.  smile
I remember one day (1975 ish) at Warkworth when I walked down the hill with the castle on my left.
My daughter was on my shoulders and as I was crossing the road to the Sun Hotel I tripped up the kerb, threw the little miss in the air and caught her as she landed.
She thought it was fabulous and wanted more.  roll
I don't do that sort of trick nowadays unless I'm riding my old BSA.

You're never too old to learn something stupid.

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As Martyn says - welcome Brad! We would be very pleased to see you anytime you feel like wandering down to Birtley.

Try me best - honest! big_smile

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I can vouch for Brad's wheel building credentials.
He has recently  done an excellent job on my Velocette Viper wheels.