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'The children have left, and I now desire to ride pillion again', quoth she who must be obeyed, 'what have you done with the BMW?'. The Velocette looked sadly from the corner of the garage, accepting it's usefulness as a pillion carrier was restricted. A replacement contraption, with more pistons than is strictly necessary and compared to the gentlemanly Velo, painted like an ice-cream van, was purchased in "rebuilt" condition via a well known internet auction site from the south coast. The winter was spend re-rebuilding it (funny that), and now hundreds of miles of running in fun beckons.

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Crikey, FF - that looks very smart, I hope she appreciates the choice and luxury.  cool
Purchased from the South Coast? But having a Leeds registration means it's been about a bit.
Your compatriot by the name of Sir Barry Stevens had one quite similar ..............

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