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Topic: Greeves is go, ya knahh

Greencubba's Greeves responded well to half a days fettling, and fired up on about the 4th kick.
Blatted it round the field at Washington a fair bit.
Doesn't idle that well but fuel is about a year old apparently.

Being a two stroke no doffage at all, but it appears to have a high per-dingability index..

Photos coming soon.......

Re: Greeves is go, ya knahh

Will it be fit for next weeks trial?????

Have you done a deal on the MGF?
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Re: Greeves is go, ya knahh

Yes (but no chance of MOT)


No (on closer inspectrion it was a shed)

Re: Greeves is go, ya knahh

Ph.Ba. Now here's how you tell the difference.

A shed has a slopey roof, is made of wood and often comes with a cat flap.

A MGF usually doesn't have all of these.

Oh and the doffage quotient of a shed is even lower than that of a Greeves. And if it emits blue smoke you are in deep poop!


Try me best - honest! big_smile