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Topic: The Lakeland Motor Museum

Found near Newby Bridge, at the bottom end of Windermere, The Lakeland Motor Museum has an extremely impressive display of motorcycles, from veterans to modern TT racers. Lots of cars and replicas of the Campbells land and water Bluebirds (under rebuild photo of the original from the Ruskin Museum at Coniston for comparison) - don't just leave it for a wet day (when it will be very busy!). Well worth a trip.

Also spotted was a machine Geoff should consider adding to his collection!


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A Grigg! Wow - fame at last eh? Will have to tootle over there sometime. Nice photos - thanks for sharing them.

Try me best - honest! big_smile

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I think this is a far more fitting mount for Mr Grigg than the products of Suzuki Kabushiki-Kaisha, although Mrs Grigg may disagree (pillion seat looks less comfortable!)


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Tragasch says,
"GRIGG/ England 1920 - 1923
A 1.75 hp scooter was the first Grigg product.
It was followed by a 161 cc two- stroke and a 181 cc ohv machine with their own engines.
Other models had Villiers and Blackburne single and V-twin engines up to 680 cc.
The biggest model had the rare 990 cc V-twin sv B&H engine.

If they were still making them they would now be using 1832 cc flat six Honda Gold Wing engines, probably.  lol
Thanks for the superb photos and information, FF.

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