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Dennis' dream and Tommy's nightmare - Triumphs as far as the eye could see! A big team effort, an impressive display of machines backed by a large, varied and informative photographic gallery resulted in an addition to the Section's silverware cabinet. Others will add detail, I am sure.

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Superb photos - as usual. Thanks FF as ever.  roll

Did you manage to get any shots of the Dick Shepherd restored 6 Triumph GPs that were supposed to be on view at Bikewise?

I wish I'd been there to have a good gander - wishful thinkingsad


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As you say FF, there were many Triumphs in evidence. It has to be said that as the machines were fired up to leave, The BSA Lightning at the entrance to the marquee proved remarkably reluctant to fire up. Tommy was seen to shed a tear or two......

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Dev - Dick Shepherd did indeed turn up with some of the Triumph Heritage GP Triumphs - but the photos on the Bikeshed 'Event Photos' entry of the full set are better than the one I look at Bikewise.