Topic: Film Night - 5th February '18

We have a film night to be held on 5th February. We are showing a selection of films about motorcycling/motoring (and maybe ‘general interest’) from bygone days so come along and join us.

We will be starting the event at about 8:30 and there should be ice cream for sale during the interval!

Thanks to our colleagues from the South Durham Section, these will be show in Super Panascope Vision on a Wide Screen. There will also be sound!!!! You may well think sound is not a special feature. Well sometimes it is.....

Try me best - honest! big_smile

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Re: Film Night - 5th February '18

The film night seemed to go well. I hope everyone enjoyed it. Thanks to Tom for the lend of the big screen, Steve for the additional material, Robin for the popcorn and Hilary and Andreas for the ice cream service. The Section scrapbook also made an appearance thanks to Andreas' Heavy Haulage Inc.
We MAY use some of the activities from the scooter rally on the Northumbrian Gathering!
Don't forget - next is the John Young Trident talk on 5th March. I have added a video of the bike starting up to whet your appetites!

Try me best - honest! big_smile