Topic: Re-corking of clutch plates

Dear All,

A message forwarded on by VMCC HQ.
Quae & Andy (Andy is on the cover of the October 2015 journal.)

This was sent to us by VMCC HQ. Obviously, no recommendation of quality one way or the other but at least the service continues to exist.

Andy and Quae – VMCC members of the West South Wales Section, have purchased the clutch re-corking business from Bob Metson, who has now retired at the age of 88 years young.

We re cork motorcycle clutches with ‘real cork’ as has done for over 50 years. We didn’t want all that experience and knowledge to disappear so we have decided to carry it on. 

If any members would like their clutches re-corked now or in the near future please give us a call on 01559 371770.  We have a Facebook page @theclutchcorkcarvery. 

Thank you and kind regards

Andy and Quae
The Clutch Cork Carvery
(We have some cards printed with our details if you would like any for your members just let us know?

Try me best - honest! big_smile