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Topic: An Enjoyable Weekend in Northumbria

I spent a very pleasurable weekend in Wooler  where I met up and had a great meal with the Dixons(Craig Hilary & Josh) During my weekend I did three runs, one was just a 20 - 30 mile afternoon jaunt. The next was a 65 mile run from Wooler Via Chatton to Alnwick then Seahouses Bamburg and belford returning to Wooler via Chatton.
On the Saturday I joined the Rievers on their Saturday Rover which saw me riding to the services by the Holiday Inn Just off the A-1 near Cramlington for a run to the Bowes Railway museum near Washington then on to Corbridge to the P.Y.O farm cafe and from there back to Wooler. Mileage for the day was about 150.
I am intending making this visit an official event for our section around the same time next year and will of course throw it open to anyone from the Northumbrian and Rievers section to join us, I will post here once I can confirm dates. Humbernut.JPG

Re: An Enjoyable Weekend in Northumbria

Sounds like you had a good run, Roger.
Is it not a long way to go from Cheadle to Wooler (from Cheadle) on an annual basis?
Some great views along the way and a PYO gutfull on the journey.
Tempting.  smile

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