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As a relative newby to the older motorcickle...ahem... some of you may know I am now the proud owner of a BMW R100 1979

it was manufactured in march 1978 according to certain websites on the net (I included a copy of this but DVLA did not accept it)

after DVLA lost my paperwork on the 1st attempt at trying to change to historic class I reapplied and recieved a letter saying they cannot do it unless I can show any of the following:

An extract from the manufacturers record on headed paper
An extract from the Glass's check book
A BMIHT stamped certified copy of a record

any help appreciated!!!

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If you are a member of the BMW club they have very good resources and a dating officer specially for problems such as these.
It’s also well worth joining anyway.

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BTW. You can join the forum without being a club member.

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Cheers Steve

been looking at the BMW club although couldnt find any real info on my enquiry
will probably be worth joining just to sort this!!
I'm already a member on their forum

thanks for the reply

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Well worth joining. Access to manuals, tools, etc, all free.

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sorry peeps.... forgot to update this thread!
fantastic service from BMW Munich.... doncha just love the German efficiency!
emailed a nice lady in munich on the tuesday ... the following day a 1st class letter arrived on the doormat from BMW with a letter of authenticity on the production date of the bike.. from Deutchland too!

orf to DVLA registered post and triple copied (but you must send DVLA the originals)

the MoT had ran out but it was still taxed. DVLA rang me and said dont worry its been changed now and you may ride it legally (thank you I thought!)

anyhoo... its all sorted and it was worth joining the BMW bike club to get the advice and contacts

oh aye... even got 14 sobs back from DVLA !!!... champion