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Topic: Outdoor events up and coming in the North East VMCC Area soon!!!


As we gently and carefully move out of lockdown, there are outdoor events in the area which you may be interested in. As with everything these days, you will need to adhere to social distancing and other relevant Govt. guidelines.

Northumbrian Section

In the absence of the Bob Rawlings Run, Geoff Grigg is organising the Bob Rawlings Alternative Run on 6th Sept.

Geoff informs me ‘ Info regarding a run on the 6th September when the Bob Rawlings Run would have happened is attached. As always a good time is guaranteed especially as it is free. Any questions just ask, if you plan on coming let me know and I hope to see as many as possible, in a socially distanced way of course.

As a further treat, this is not your usual tootle round the countryside with a route sheet. Oh no indeed. Geoff is stimulating your befuddled brains cells because  ‘The format will be that of a navigation rally, scatter rally, or if you are not pretentious, a treasure hunt.

What more can you ask for? More details are on our 'regs available' page

And there is more from other local sections!!!

Saturday 22nd August.

Brian Smith from South Durham  told me ‘On Saturday 22nd of August, this Saturday, we are having our annual concours event which is usually on an evening.  Details are on our Website but there are no route sheets issued at the start, they are on our website so start where and when you want, the route will take about 90 minutes depending on how may pubs you stop at on the way round " Paul and myself may be a while ". Return to The Chequers pub Dalton on Tees for 3pm judging and socially distanced politically correctness.   Due to the current situation, there will be no free love and casual sex this year.


Well that’s good to know!

Sunday 30th August

Please can you contact Howard from the Reivers ASAP if you wish to go on this so he can register your interest and get an idea of numbers. It’s sponsored by Alnwick councils so it is what is known as ‘a proper do’!
As promised and advertised on our website and Facebook page.
A chance to show off your bike! Reivers Section will be hosting a Classic Bike Show at Alnwick Market Place on 30th August between 10am to 4pm or for whenever you can make it between those times. Cafes and a catering van will be open and also the public toilets. Anyone wishing to display their bike will be more than welcome. Social distancing and all government guidelines will need to be adhered to. For any questions please contact me, howard.perrin@live.com 07981 700179.
We are looking to a maximum of 50, if we can get that many!'

Sunday 6th September

Mike Laidler from the Reivers it running holding a Tiddlers Run. Starting from Adderston Services in Belford. If your tiddler is up to Mike's rigorous standards (there will be an inspection), feel free to get it out on the roads. For more details, contact Mike on atozstickers@gmail.com

There you go. The VMCC membership fee is DEFINITELY worth it with all this fun available to you!!!

Try me best - honest! big_smile