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Seasons greetings to all at the VMCC from Sailor Sam ; aka Jon Spawls.

A very pleasant 27c today.  cool

See you all in Feb !

Dead fish go with the flow.

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Merry Christmas to you also, Sailor Sam.
Whatever happens - don't look for the golden rivet.
I did, once, and it makes your eye's water. You also speak two octaves higher for a month.
Don't forget to row when the man with the whip says ROW and keep away from catching the crabs.
Happy New Year also.
All the best, Martyn  hmm

You're never too old to learn something stupid.

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Oooohh Hello Sailor!!

(Sorry had to be said)

Glad you found us mate.

Jon smile

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was - 2 in car (THE WOTTT !) er wot temp was at high force hotel, of the soup I mean. Anybody go ?.  Can u get a enfield efi in ur kit bag on way back SS ? .

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Dear GC, was that sent from your Iphone/ Ipad/Ipose or summat?  neutral

Let me see if I can translate somewhat.

'Ooer chaps it was some cold in the old car - yes shamefully I admit to being in said contraption. Anyone know the temperature at the High Force Hotels, at least of the consomme. Did anyone go to meet our fine compatriots that braved the elements?
Dear Sailor Sam, is it at all possible you could get an Enfield Electronic Fuel Injection motorcycle in your old kit bag along with all you accoutrements that you salty sea dogs find necessary to while away the dog watches'.

Try me best - honest! big_smile

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Hi GC and Baggers,
                               Forgive the delay in replying, work 6hrs on 6hrs off around here, so it can be a big gap between loging ons.

Sorry no can do with the Enfield only allowed 32 kg luggage on a seamans ticket !

The few Enfields you see on the roads around here are all the Redditch style bikes, mostly 350.

Its mainly bikes from the big four  between 100 and 150 cc made under licence in India that pre-dominate the roads.
                                      Get some lovely odd ball stuff though, there is the "Raj Doot" a copy of a Polish bike with a single cylinder TS engine complete with Earls type forks.
                                                                                                                        Raj Doot also built RD 350 Yamahas under licence , unsurprisingly not a succsess, and I have yet to see one.
                                                                                                                                             One of the UK suppliers for RD spares based in Tweedy Berwick makes regular trips out here to buy up bits and pieces, especially RD rubber items and frame parts etc, guess they are probably still being made in some alley.

Dead fish go with the flow.

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anyhoo i read a test in classic bike in wh smith saying a 2008 efi does over 100mpg, so thats high force and back for a gallon ish, so ud have had change oot of the wifes £10 allowance for some sloop !.